Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Raksha Bella Organic in Home Textiles Today

Raksha Bella eco-luxe line launches in California 

By Staff -- Home Textiles Today, 5/12/2008 1:34:00 PM

San Francisco -- Raksha Bella has launched its Classic Collection at select California coastal retailers, a line that founder and designer Carrie Peters said is the result of a spiritual decision to create an “eco-luxe” bedding collection.
“As a designer, I feel it’s my responsibility to create sustainable solutions to the things we consume every day,” said Peters. “With a handcrafted approach to the Raksha Bella line I want to show the interconnectedness between product and person.”
Peters was inspired by the finely handcrafted decorative arts she saw on a trip to India, in particular a range of handblocked textiles. She founded the Raksha Bella company last year.
Raksha means “protection” in Sanskrit; Bella is Latin for “beautiful.”
“Together,” said Peters, the words “elegantly communicates the brand’s philosophy which is protecting what is beautiful with handmade organic textiles.” She said the company works to ensure fair labor practices, uses SKAL- and GOTS-certified organic cotton, and AZO-free low impact dyes.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Raksha Bella Organic in Green Talk

Raksha Bella: Dressing Beds with Sustainable Old Age Traditions

by ANNA@GREEN TALK on MAY 1, 2008
Tree of Life Pattern in Canton and Mimosa Color
Tree of Life Pattern in Canton and Mimosa Color
Raksha Bella Organic’s Collection of eco-friendly pillowcases, quilts, shams, and duvet covers combine the graceful art of Indian color blocking with sustainable fabrics for one of a kind delicate patterns. Carrie Peter, an ex-interior decorator, founded Raksha Bella after her spiritual journey to India. During her visit, she was struck by the enormous poverty of the Indian cotton farmers, whose farms were destroyed by the use of the modified cotton crop. At the same time, she was entranced with the finely handcrafted textiles featuring age old color blocking techniques.
Her mission in creating Raksha Bella Organic was to restore dignity and wealth to the Indian farmer’s industry and to bring to highlight the beautiful color blocking techniques that she witnessed. The name Raska Bella means as follows: Raksha means protection in Sanskrit, and Bella means beautiful in Latin.

The Quality of the  Organic Fabrics

The organic bedding samples that I received were absolutely beautiful. The pictures on my site do not give the patterns justice.  They are delicate and intricate with a creamy off-white background. This 225 thread count line is SKALand GOTS certified and uses AZO-free low impact dyes. In addition, the manufacturing process employs fair labor practices. In addition to the pattern pictured above, the Classic Collection features some of the following designs:
Rose Pattern in Dusty Cedar
Rose Pattern in Dusty Cedar
Raj Paisley Pattern in Rum Raisin Color
Raj Paisley Pattern in Rum Raisin Color
Indian Rose Pattern in Cress Green Color
Indian Rose Pattern in Cress Green Color
The manufacturing suggested retail cost for the Classic Collection is as follows: queen and king duvet covers start at $434, quilts at $455, pillowcases at $46.80 and shams at $22.40.
In addition, Raksha Bella has introduced a new organic bedding collection, the Kaleidoscope Bedding Collection, featuring king and queen fuchsia and violet prints quilts, shams, and duvet covers.  The Company’s organic bedding collection can be purchased at certain retail and online stores.
Retailers wanting to sell Raksha Bella in their own stores should contact the company for wholesale prices. Raksha Bella Organics’ dressed beds will not only be beautiful but healthy as well.