Monday, November 9, 2009

Gratitude to Bees

A bee stung Eros on the nose
While he was smelling on a rose
“Mother Venus,  ay,ay,ay
Please help me or I’ll die
What a terrible disgrace
A dragon bit me on my face”!
Venus comforts first her son
then speaks to him with mocking fun:
The little bee’s tiny sting
Is for you an earnest thing
But more painful and real hard
are your stings in human’s heart.

A. Dürer, 1514: Eros, Venus and the bees

Humans have long had a symbiotic relationship with honeybees. We provide them with shelter and care, and in return, they not only provide us with honey and bee pollen for our health and pleasure, they pollinate 35% of our food crops! Our lives are inextricably intertwined with the lives of bees. Honeybees are behind every cheerful bloom of spring flowers, and every abundant harvest on the Thanksgiving table.
Many honeybees in recent years are disappearing due to Colony Collapse Disorder. We at Raksha Bella choose to see this as an opportunity for transformation. By calling our attention to the need for healthy change, the plight of bees all over the world is a gentle call, reminding us of the interconnectedness of life on the planet, and of how our choices today will resonate into the future lives of all beings on Earth.
Although no conclusive evidence has been drawn as to the exact causes of CCD, many of the studies point to conventional farming practices as at least partly responsible: the use of multiple toxic pesticides and fertilizers, genetically modified crops, and monoculture have all led to a loss of biodiversity. Biodiversity is essential for all life on earth to grow healthy and abundant. The interconnectedness between organic farming and saving the bees is indisputable. Conventional and Monoculture farming is responsible for poisons in our soil and bodies, the destruction of ancient human agricultural traditions all over the globe, and global food shortages. Conventional cotton crops use 25% of the entire world’s pesticides! Ouch! In contrast, organic farming promotes biodiversity, blesses us with higher crop yields and more nutrient-rich foods, promotes fair labor practices, and reduces the toxic load on our depleted soils. This is why we choose to use all certified organic cotton for Raksha Bella products.
Spread the beauty and harmony of nature into homes and hearts all over the globe. Believe that healthy, abundant food for all people is beautiful; believe that the cycles of the seasons are beautiful; that harmony between people, plants, and creatures is beautiful, and that organic products we touch and sleep in, with limited impact on our ecosystem are beautiful!
Ally yourself with beauty! Gratitude to the honeybees!
Wishing you blessings of health, bounty and beauty this autumn