Monday, December 14, 2009

A December Devotional to Duvets

If this were the 14th century, you might be saving the feathers from the geese you plucked for more than a year to make yourself a duvet, which you would then pass down through many generations of your family.
In Europe, many people sleep only between 2 duvets, eliminating the need for sheets and blankets, and the bother of making the bed! When I heard this, I tried it myself and I loved it!
Winter is the duvet’s signature season, evoking moods for snuggling in mounds of warm, poofy down with hot tea or chocolate, and a good book while the winter season moves and stills outside. The winter holiday times have long been the most popular time to gift a duvet to someone, indeed it’s the time of year to give in to the occasional desire to stay in bed a bit longer than usual, so give permission to indulge and lounge!
Fun Duvet Facts:
Name for duvets around the world:
¨ Scandinavian: “Dyne”
¨ Pakistan: “Ralli Quilts”
¨ France: Duvet (origin of the word)
¨ Germany: “Federbeden”
In the U.K. and other European countries, when employees take a personal day off from work, it’s called a “duvet day”.
In Europe, sleeping under duvets is so popular, that many couples have refined it to an art of adaptability: they put two twin duvets on a full or queen-sized bed so that they may each enjoy their own preferred thickness!
Duvets are coming into style with the younger generation now. The gothic clothing store Hot Topic has a new duvet set based on the popular vampire television series “Twilight”.
So indulge yourself, cozy up to the season, and have a dreamy duvet day…

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Holiday Update from Our Friends at Bash Eco Events

This is such a lovely post from our friends at Bash that we decided to post it here for anyone who missed it...

Holiday Loveliness

Remember my Design*Sponge post about these? Well, this is what they look like come the holidays.
Lots of loveliness from the talented designers + curators of TRUNKSHOW. Their stuff is beyond words. Da eco-luxe bomb. My client’s guests were shopping WELL into the night + I think I saw some drool coming out of one lady’s mouth. Napkin please. Check out their awesomeness here. I’ve already got my wish list for Christmas.
And hello? My partner in crime, this cool cat, created the most killer sweets table EVER. The guests were gushing over her cuppies + her creative display of snow whites + winter greens. It is now a future staple at all bash-TRUNKSHOW events. I could not ask for a better collaborator in design. Kelly + I share a brain and her execution of this table was beyond!
I’m so beyond grateful for collaborating with such brilliant people. I truly believe you are only as good as your team, + these ladies make me better at what I do. My hats off to you + you.