Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eco-Home Highlight: Think Green. Think SPRING (even in summer!)

A warm and heartfelt thank you to our friends at Spring on Post Street in San Francisco for creating the perfect home for our eco-bedding.
As we grow, so do our like-minded partners who believe that a greener home is conducive to a happier, more serene lifestyle. And that is truly contagious!
We are thrilled to see the ever-expanding selection of environmentally-friendly lifestyle products, the enthusiasm of our retailers and ultimately, their customers. Once a vision of the future, we sleep well knowing that the demand for greener home products is quickly becoming a way of life. Stop by, say hello and check out their unique and fabulous assortment of inspiring products!
Quilted Deco Pillows - Indian Rose in Dusty Cedar with Peonie in Warm Taupe (pictured)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Raksha Bella Organic in Little Willow

raksha bella bedding

raj paisley

indian rose
When I spotted the Raksha Bella collection over at More Ways to Waste Time I almost cried because they’re so beautiful. I’m sad to be leaving our little house in the hills of Mill Valley but I when I saw this lovely bedding it made me excited to set up house all over again in Utah. It’s on the pricier end for bedding, $311-$449 for duvets, but since it’s handmade in India using quality certified organic cotton I’d say it’s more than justified. Drool over it at any of these Bay Area locations.

raj paisley blue

indian rose green

Thanks Little Willow for posting about us!