Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raksha Bella Organic at the ABC Carpet & Home Slumber Party

What perfect timing! ABC Carpet & Home is hosting a pajama party in their department store, and where we can showcase our new loungewear collaboration with Loup Charmant.

We don't usually have our loungewear at the store, so this even will be the perfect place to do so.

Our short nightie sets with ruffled bloomers, in the Jungle print - so sweet. 

So funny how the goose made it into this pic - who doesn't love a pajama party! 

Love how these flowers match the colors of our Medallion Ministar in Beaujolais sheet

Wish we could just grab some of our loungewear and curl up in our bed of prints!
Also, love how ABC Carpet & Home styled our Tree of Life prints with the Flower Mandala / Flight reversible duvet cover - super pretty. 

Thank you ABC Carpet & Home for hosting us at your slumber party!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Raksha Bella Organic's Loungewear with Loup Charmant

Ooh - we are so excited to announce our newest loungewear collaboration... drum roll please!... Loup Charmant for Raksha Bella. We love Loup Charmant's loungewear and are so happy to see our prints from the Caravan Collection on the loungewear.

Bowing to the Sunset with our Maxi Dress in Shield